The year 1993 was the launch of Belresheed company through a single branch in Deira - Dubai. With a carefully defined strategy, the company went ahead with its expansion plans in the UAE, and the quality of service and customer care led to the expansion. One by one, Belresheed group has spread across the UAE in various fields, consisting of 15 companies, including construction, real estate, auto showrooms, security and guarding, building cleaning, and general maintenance. With 1700 employees selected carefully and treatment of the company in a professional manner and harness its full potential to serve customers.


We are always keen on upgrading the company and the development of its projects and this can only be through a staff of the highest level of professionalism, and this is what we do, because we believe in the saying of the ( right man in the right place) and the human element and its continuous development achieve our goals and vision, as well as the company evaluates itself Continuously because successful work needs to be constantly evaluated to ultimately serve everyone and achieve their desired goal.


It is our conviction that the right and responsible work is the instinctive stimulus and is derived from the culutre and civilization of the concernerd individual. The march of mankind to the future is from the past and the history that would express our identity perhaps might be characterised by the industry on which we have put our goal and vision.

The implementation of strategic and vibrant realty projects that truly from apart of the urban development is the reflection of the most modern vision, the United Arab Emirates has embarked upon.